Black Eyed Sceva
5 Years, 50,000 Miles Davis

Track Listings
1 Ryan's Driveway
2 Ecumenical
3 Twain
4 Soapbox
5 Confirmation Day (live)
6 Adrian James (live)
7 Nailholes (live)

8 Invisible Sun

The Lean Years Tradition (1997) (as Model Engine)

5 Years, 50,000 Miles Davis Ep (1996)
Way Before the Flood (1995)

  Grace Hotel
  Overall rating: ++-



Album Reviews


The other clearance CD. This continues the band's good old fashioned generic modern rock stylings. Features three live songs that appeared on their album Way Before the Flood. The live songs have a lot of energy, and I can imagine them being pretty cool to hear live.

There's nothing wrong with this stuff, in fact it's pretty good - it's just that I've been listening to a lot of music like this lately, and there's nothing here that really distinguishes itself from the rest of what's out there.

Sorry boys - missed it by this much.

~ Jevon


This is really good stuff! I would say that it isn't quite as good as "Way Before the Flood", but for-sure still one of my favorite albums. Really catchy emo-pop type stuff. If you like emo (Frodus, Phaedo, Roadside Monument, Puller, etc), and occasionally like catchy tunes (alt. rock, pop-punk, etc...), then this is a really good album for you. Good, thought-provoking lyrics.


This is purely the best rock music out there. With its deep lyrical messages, it illustrates real life struggles with the only way out of life's turmoil, Jesus Christ. Recorded by Frank Taite at 5 minute walk, this album, as well as "Way before the Flood" and "the Lean Years"(Model Engine-formerly BES) are worth-while minutes of listening enjoyment. This is my favorite band and my favorite CD. I'm giving it two thumbs up.


I just recently was turned on to Black Eyed Sceva. After quite a few
listens I still have unmanaged to fully get into this cd. In my
opinion this cd, is in dyer need of different sounds and songwriting
techniques. The first two songs do nothing for me. The disk as a
whole sounds very dated to me. The song "Twain" has an ancient feel
to it. Making me wonder why cant they build on that and make
something great, make it's way out of this tired session.
The lyrics in the song soapbox "The whole notion of innocence
come from the line between rhetoric and reality has been too blurred.
Something grievous has occured. When the chosen ones have chosen wrong
and the favorite sons have come undone." Is really clevor and can get
one stuck in some very deep thoughts. The intimate deep lyrics are
really about the only thing that make me want to keep giving this
cd repeated listens. The next three songs are live tracks. That are
on their first cd "Way Before the Flood." Adrian James is the first
song that I truly enjoy. But of coarse as I mentioned earlier that,
that song really belongs to the first cd. So that doesn't say to much
for this cd as a whole. I just wish the overall song writing could be
more interesting and unique. If I could sum this cd in one word it would
be "generic" Please when you see this cd in a discount bin. Don't pick
it up set it down and continue to browse away.

~ Anthony P. Hanna







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